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Obliterated, By Chris Mentillo: A Best-selling Horror Novella


Obliterated, Everything is About To Change -- An Award-winning -- Best-selling Horror Novella Short, written by, Horror Author, Chris Mentillo. 


Top Ten Award




"Imagine the perfect place where there is little if any crime, a safe haven jam-packed with welcoming neighbors, a profusion of popular sports to partake in, plenty of stimulating recreational activities everyone can enjoy, white picket fences, pristine lakes, lush greenery, and gorgeous mansions – the ideal kind-of-home to raise your kids in even.

Now picture this same sanctuary where come hell or high water, when the sun subsides, something causes everyone and everything to turn 360 degrees out of control – a place where teenagers and adults are possessed with becoming widespread or even famous for becoming one of the residence lifeguards. What is instigating these things to happen? Why are people missing and acting so outlandish? Why can no one remember?

There is one tenacious, single-minded lifeguard, however, who is painstakingly persistent to find out, but has no idea of the physical and mental anguish she will endure while trying to unravel the mystery behind this nightmare."




   To date, since the inception  of Chris Mentillo's      story, "Obliterated," which  ironically (in some strange way) was published on September 11, 2015, when unfortunately, something else horrific, and sinister took place regarding being obliterated (different obliterated meaning than what the book's interpretation represents. By-the-way we discuss this all in the introduction section of the book) on the exact same month, and day. Since the stories debut, the book has gone on to do well -- winning several awards, hitting best-seller lists, and most recently, nominated for...

Being Listed, Best Horror Books of The 21st Century.

And the book still continues to trek, and adventure into unknown territory scaring the heebie-Jeebies out of everyone who crosses its path, even killing some. Fortunately, however during its triumphant journey, we have had nothing thus far except upon arms, thank God.




The introduction (known to be rather informative) to this award-winning, novella-short, includes intriguing information regarding how the horror author’s story came to be, and indulges in meanings behind the story, explaining why it was finally manifested to the stage of profound literature it now boasts.

In addition, like most retail, and distribution platforms, where they typically give the reader the opportunity to read somewhat of a large portion of the book's introduction -- we instead have taken the liberty of displaying for you -- a couple chapters of the actual story itself -- hopefully giving you some insight sample on the story itself. 

Therefore, we hope you indulge yourself and immediately dive into the story, where you will eventually come across (if you look hard enough) a tenacious lifeguard who is trying to find the underlying cause of this horrific mystery. Perhaps it is another one of those bad dreams. Maybe it is something mortal instead. Worst yet, not mortal at all, and is something far more sinister than any mortal has ever seen or experienced -- something not of this world. You be the judge. Have fun, and do not say we did not forewarn you first. We are serious as hell.

  “To My Mathematical Brain, The Numbers Alone Make Thinking About Aliens Perfectly Rational.”

 -- Stephen Hawking

  "We Should Probably Be Afraid of Them Because If Humans Are Any Indication of How These Beings Would Act, it’s Bad. We Only Have To Look At Ourselves To See How Intelligent Life Might Develop Into Something We Wouldn’t Want To Meet. I Imagine They Might Exist In Massive Ships, Having Used Up All The Resources From Their Home Planet. Such Advanced Aliens Would Perhaps Become Nomads, Looking To Conquer And Colonise Whatever Planets They Can Reach.”

 -- Stephen Hawking


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