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Charles Manson - End of Days, Pretty Girl MP3


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The Charles Manson: “End of Days” musical piece being introduced, was produced by horror music producer, Chris Mentillo. This music piece does not, and never has represented any specific belief of religion or any other nature. End of days is nothing more than a solitary piece of, "historic classic music" for entertainment purposes only, and nothing more.

The musical audio CD piece displayed here is the original raw recording song -- sung by, Charles Manson himself... prior to the August 9, 1969 Sharon Tate / Leno and Rosemary LaBianca murders; for which Manson and his family were suspected of orchestrating. 

Many conspiracy theories have transpired over the years, depicting other possibilities as to what the real motive was behind these murders. Regardless, the Charles Manson... "End of Days," explores the music motive to the Manson murders and uncovers Charles Manson's relationship with Beach Boys' drummer, Dennis Wilson and record producer, Terry Melcher.


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This music piece was re-produced by, horror music producer, Chris Mentillo through the music label he founded: GMR (Got Money Records) label. 

In January of 2013 Chris Mentillo received a phone call from a friend in the music industry who asked Mentillo to re-produce a raw song under his records label, Got Money Records for which  partially wrote and recorded back in the 1960's. Reluctant at first, Chris Mentillo turned down the offer. However, for reasons unknown, later changed his mind and by September 23, 2013 Charles Manson was once again back on the shelves.

The musical audio CD piece displayed, held the original raw recording song -- sung by Charles Manson... prior to the August 9, 1969 Sharon Tate / Leno and Rosemary La Bianca murders; for which Manson and his family were suspected of orchestrating.


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