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Voodoo (Horror Press Publishing)


Dr. Voodoo Horror

Here on this page, you will find an array of books and products based on voodoo, spells, the occult, and many other interesting goodies.

The following lists of books are currently not for sale. However, these “Voodoo horror comics” have much merit in how we currently view the occult these days; In other words, a horror comic Voodoo collection, far ahead of their time - a collection for which we plan to expand to new heights, a collection which you will not only gain knowledge from but one which will serve to entertain you too.

We plan to revive a similar collection of such material for which we know you will enjoy. In addition, these books – once they come to life will be a, “one of a kind” Voodoo collection, which you will appreciate, and grow with through time.  

Don't say I didn't warn you.


Voodoo Book 1Voodoo Book 5Voodoo Book 7Voodoo Book 4Voodoo Book 3Voodoo Book 2



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