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Social Media Content Writing & Editing

Our Company currently holds an immense abundance of social media experience, regarding helping companies with their own social media content writing, and editing. We have helped Kelly Rippa's talk show, boost their social media platform. We have also won numerous awards being a top social media writer and editor in the Boston area. We won a twitter award for having the most active social media account in Boston, Massachusetts.

So, if you need social media posting help, please mention your interested. We will write and edit the content for you to post on your social media accounts. The rates begin from $5 to $25 per post and will depend on how long the actual post content is.

Social Media Industries We Write For & Post:

Entertainment industry, talk show hosts, celebrities, celebrity, celebrity crime, celebrity deaths, music labels, record labels, musicians, artists, book publishing companies, authors, writers, editors, publishing companies, true crime subjects, horror fiction, fiction, non-fiction, distribution companies, investment companies, business companies, financial industry, auto industry, any business service or industry. We have many experts in every field and we research via SEO statistics making each of your individual social media posts count. 

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