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Matthew H. Jones (Editor)

Matthew H. Jones: Biography: 

We are Excited To Introduce one of our new editors of both Horror Press Publishing and Twilight Zones Press  and for receiving a "Monthly Creative Arts Awards" Nomination. Congratulation Matthew.

 Matthew H. Jones: Biography Image Monthly Creative Arts Awards


Matthew H. Jones studies Literature at UMass Lowell. He also writes and edits. To avoid any accusations of ego, he‘ll let others determine the quality of his work. Matthew worked on it and had ample opportunity to scalpel out anything he hated from his work. He can only rightly dislike it after some distance.

Reading more talented writers and working with better editors can also weaken his opinion of his own work. It’s weird that he, and William Faulkner, Henry James, James Baldwin, Zora Neale Hurston, and Dorothy Alison are all writers – those who commit the physical act of writing. 

Technically, a kitten and Albert Einstein are both earthlings. At the very least, Matthew hopes his efforts are as adorable as the former pretending to be the latter.  

Matthew H. Jones is the Author of "No Magic For Luke Peters"

Submissions Organizer For Mill Pages Magazine.

You can check out more about Matthew and his writing endeavors at millpages.com/