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Do you Want Someone To Write And Get Your Best-selling, Award-winning Books Published Regarding Various Horror Stories of The Supernatural, Paranormal, Monsters, Ghosts, Unidentified Creatures, etc?

Perhaps you are interested in being a writer, editor, copywriter or an aspiring author, or maybe you are already one, but don't have the time or even the necessary funds to make the big overall difference in how well your book, content, stories, etc will come out?

What you need then is an affordable and experienced professional award-winning, best-selling ghostwriter to write your best-selling book, stories, content, etc for you. We have all of this and more here at HorrorPublishing.com

In addition, you may also want to get your very own book published in over 5,000 retail store outlets in over 64 different languages. Don't worry, HorrorPublishing.com has your back and has you covered. In other words, you came to the right place.

Here at HorrorPublishing.com, we know the feeling to need someone like a professional ghostwriter to write your content, stories or books for you, especially when you can't afford the huge money (which most places require up front) to have a good writer help you out. Like so many others, you may be limited on funds to start the process. We know these services can get way out of hand. However, with HorrorPublishing.com you can get started with as little as $150 or less. And by the way, we never charge our horror authors up front money to get published with us. Nonetheless, your work needs to be good. But you will not have to worry about "NOT" getting published with us if you have us write the book for you. This is especially true when the book you wish us to write is within the horror genre. 

Additionally, you also never have to have our author's name attached to any of your work - ever, unless you ask for us to list a name somewhere in the book. You see nowadays many ghostwriters who especially write books that are professionally published, receive professional credit for the book while having their names attached and listed as an executive producer of the book. This way everyone - all parties are happy. Having your book ghostwritten this way never comes up or is ever even mentioned. And when you give the ghostwriter credit this way there is no real possibility to know they ever wrote one word for you, because an executive producer may play many separate roles (wear many hats) in the production stage of YOUR BOOK. So it works out great.

Let's face it, if you yourself were a ghostwriter and knew you would have your name listed as an executive producer on a best-selling book, would you be more privy to being better motivated to do even a better job of writing the book? Sure you would. Most people would. Again, this is never required of you, but as you already witnessed, can make a big difference in how well your book pans out for you in the long run. We know this industry well, and believe me, it is changing every day by the bus loads. You need not look any further than the electronic book boom to agree with this statement.

HorrorPublishing.com can give you all these incredible things and more. We have the specific know-how and experience to make every one of your dreams come true when it comes to writing content, copywriting, ghostwriting and publishing.

Oh and by the way...no, we did not ghostwrite award-winning, and best-selling horror author's, Chris Mentillo's Books. However, we have published some of his work and short stories."

"We are the kind of publishing machine who makes dreams come true. We are everything you need all wrapped up in one blanket to seriously make, "great things happen for you." However, we need you to "be strong" and make the first move."

How Much Will This Cost Me Out of My Pocket?

Depends. Again, we never charge anything to our authors to publish their books, but they have to be good. We only charge for writing your book, and you can easily get started with as little as $150.00 via any credit card. We can take just about anything, and we guarantee the best prices anywhere else. This is possible now because we are rather a new company and so these rates may go up after years of further success or if we plan to expand the company. But for now, we guarantee you that we will come up with a price you feel comfortable with if you can't afford our initial services. No stress. Believe me, we understand your frustrations of how expensive theses service can be. But like I said, we guarantee you results. Period.

I Don't Have Even That Kind of Money on My Debit card or checking account. Can I still Use Your Services?

No problem, we have you covered. Explain your situation to us via email, and we will work with you. We are here to help and give you FREE COACHING ON WAYS TO GET STARTED WITH US THAT YOU ONLY FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH.


Ok... So Whats The Catch?

Quite frankly, there is none. We promise you that if you are not comfortable with your specific arrangement that you can stop or maybe even come back to us when you are truly ready to begin. Most of the time, we are our own worst enemy and the thought of being successful may impede your forward motion to move ahead. We get it.


How Do I Get Started?

Please Go to the top of our website and sign-up first with a FREE Account to our website - Create A Free Account, and then send us an inquiry on our "Contact us Page" on our website explaining how we might be able to help you. We will then send you feedback asap letting you know how we can make your dreams come true, and then ask you to make your first payment to making your writing dreams come true. That's it. We will do the rest. Don't be afraid, we promise not to bite. At least I don't bite anyway.


Great, I Am Convinced HorrorPublishing.com Will Help Me Become A Success, And I Signed-Up With A Free Account On Your Website. In Addition, I Sent You Information Via Your Contact Us Page Regarding What Specific Service(s) I Wish To Receive. Now I Want To Make An Installment With My Credit Card, PayPal, Etc. Where Do I Go?

Awesome. We are so excited you decided to make a success out of yourself. You may now pay your installment fee Here. Good luck, thank you, and we will be in touch.

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