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Happy Holiday and Welcome. Here you will find the award-winning master of horror best-selling books, by infamous author "Chris Mentillo" along with various other horror masters soon to join.

We do not discriminate here at HorrorPublishing.com. In fact, quite frankly we welcome everyone to join the fun in reading about our award-winning stories based on, serial killers, the paranormal, the supernatural, science fiction, dark fantasy, all monsters, unidentified creatures, ufo's, mystery, and suspense horror, classic horror, slash horror, bigfoot, yeti, the occult: slender man, voodoo, spells, demons, deities, witch boards, Ouija boards, and -- all things horror. Do you get the idea?

If you like most scary movies, even haunted houses, ghosts, the supernatural, the paranormal, unsolved mysteries, aliens and alien abductions, and horror spectaculars, you have come to the right place. 

So then, come on in and visit the shop if you dare, but I am warning you once you enter, you may never come back out. This is because once in you will have bravely journeyed into our..."Twilight Zone Horror Abyss." 

"Don't say we did not warn you."