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Nightmares From Sleepy Hollow: "The Swampcult Factory"

Posted by Chris Mentillo on December 09, 2019 . 6 Comments

This is Chris Mentillo's new horror anthology called Nightmares of Sleepy Hollow. This book is filled with true tales of horror containing many nightmares stories, including the Swampcult Factory.


So sit back and enjoy every word written by The Legend of Sleepy Hollow's nightmares. .... The Swampcult Factory is a 2019 anthology published by Twilight Zones Press and Horror Press Publishing, adapting exclusive short stories by Chris Mentillo. 


"A broke personality is regularly the path into a world not associated with those with blameless typicality." 


Enter the universe of prestigious loathsomeness horror master, Chris Mentillo — a universe where clowns engage in an evil Christmas holiday, a plotting sweetheart makes reality itself come disentangled, a disintegrating refuge's annihilation releases a more noteworthy frightfulness, and a tight-lipped Awkham goes back and forth, leaving just broke dreams afterward. 


In the convention of Edgar Allan Poe and H. P. Lovecraft and Thomas Ligotti, Chris Mentillo's refined stories of fear take us to places not many would speculate exist. Their franticness is just an idea away. 


The Bad dream Industrial facility adjusts Mentillo's most chilling stories into fine realistic writing, including every single new prologue to every story, by Chris Mentillo.


About Chris Mentillo, Ph.D.

You can find out more about Novelist Chris Mentillo by doing a google search. Here is a Bio Page with some additional information inputting some personal and professional info regarding the author CLICK HERE

Chris Mentillo is an award-winning, bestselling Novelist who has written over 1000 news columns and articles. He has also written over half a dozen books, short stories, and novels.  

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