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Obliterated, By Chris Mentillo: A Best-selling Horror Novella

A True Tale of Horror (Kindle Edition), by Chris Mentillo (Author), Jeremy Mentillo (Editor) $ 0.99

$ 0.99 $ 4.99

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"It is believed that the U.S. Government is withholding critical information pertaining to the existence of extraterrestrial life and that there are covert government projects that specialize in the retrieval and cover-up of fallen or crashed alien craft."


 Obliterated: "Everything is About to Change."

Obliterated, By Chris Mentillo: A Best-selling Horror Novella


     Haunted Horror, Chris Mentillo BooksKrampusObliterated: Everything is About To Change By, Chris Mentillo

“To My Mathematical Brain, The Numbers Alone Make Thinking About Aliens Perfectly Rational.”

 -- Stephen Hawking  

Obliterated Paperback (Horror Press Publishing)

There are People Who, "Walk Their Talk." That Person is 

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Chris Mentillo

"I’m going to start taking the train more frequently; it seems like every pronounced writer I know, invented something infinitely creative while on a train ride."

Chris Mentillo 

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